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About the project

This project aims on documenting the life and role of Americans of Czech and Slovak origins fighting World War II.

It consists of a database of the soldiers themselves, and a number of documents, photos and comments accompanying and explaining the position and role of the Czech and Slovak Americans during WWII. Links to affiliated and topic-related webpages and project will be also added shortly.

We hope that this project will not only help the various users to understand better the life, faith and sometimes fate of the men in uniform, but also to understand better the life of the whole Czech and Slovak American community. It should also help as a tool to keep track of family members, relatives or even just random members of the community and is therefore open to wide collaboration.

Being American citizens, they have often experienced the unusual destiny of liberating the homeland of their parents or forfathers, often still speaking the same language as the people of Czechoslovakia themselves.

But there were others, too, who have fougt in Pacific, in Asia or Africa, in Air Force as well as in the Navy.

They still remembered their Czech heritage, but also became, gradually, more and more the true Americans, shaped and hardened by the war.




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