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He is considered to be the last member of the United States Armed forces to be killed in combat in Europe. He was on reconnaissance patrol in what was then Czechoslovakia on May 7, 1945 when he and his comrades were ambushed. The gunfire from the concealed German positions killed Private Havlat only minutes after a cease fire order had been implement, which both the American patrol and the German soldiers were unaware of. Only a few hours after the ambush Germany formally surrendered unconditionally to the Allied Forces, ending World War II in Europe.

He was posthumusly awarded a Purple Heart Medal.

Details of AoW

  • Operation Overlord
  • Battle of Huertgen Forest
  • Battle of the Bulge



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Charles Havlat

Personal information

Other names Charley
Gender Man
Date of Birth 11/10/1910
Date of Death 05/07/1945
Place of Birth Dorchester, Saline County, NE
Place of Death Vimperk, Czech republic
Immigration Born to at least one Czech-born parent.
Could speak Czech Not identified
Parents Anton Merkut Havlat and Antonia (Nemec) Havlat

Military information

Area of War Europe
Rank Pfc.
Branch Army
Detail of Service 803rd Tank Destroyer Battalion
Killed in action