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He registered on February 16, 1942. After he joined the U.S. Naval Air Force on May 7th, 1942, and was sent to Pacific front before Christmas 1942. In 1943 he was stationed in Corpus Christi, TX, before going to Europe. There he fought in Battle of Vella Lavella in October 1943, fought on Bougainville and was present during bombing of Rabaul in November 1943. During those he sank two Japanese ships, one of them during the Rabaul bombing. He was awarded with Distinguished Flying Cross.

He died in Denver, Colorado, where he was stationed, and was buried in Waco, Texas.



Cehoslovak and West newspaper, 11th February 1944 and 28th July 1944

Edwin August Dulak

Personal information

Gender Man
Date of Birth 03/01/1921
Date of Death 05/10/1947
Place of Birth Moulton, Lavaca County, TX
Place of Death Denver, Denver County, CO
Immigration Grandchild to at least one Czech-born grandparent.
Could speak Czech Not identified
Parents August Dulak and Mary (Lobgetski) Dulak

Military information

Area of War Pacific
Rank Cpt.
Branch Navy