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He studied at the college of agriculture at the University of Nebraska. He interrupted his studies and joined U.S. Navy reserves in 1942 and was called to duty in 1943. He received his officer rank after he finished studies at Columbia University and then he was sent for special engineering training. After he finished his training, he was sent to Delaware where he was assigned to his ship in 1944. 



https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/38814383/lumir-george-abraham Bratrsky vestnik, June 1945

Lumir George Abraham

Personal information

Gender Man
Date of Birth 09/16/1922
Date of Death 05/12/1945
Place of Birth Schuyler, Colfax County, NE
Place of Death Okinawa, Japan
Immigration Grandchild to at least one Czech-born grandparent.
Could speak Czech Yes
Parents Jaroslav (Jerry) Abraham and Emma (Skarda) Abraham.

Military information

Area of War Pacific
Rank Ens.
Branch Navy
Detail of Service United States Navy Reserve
Killed in action